Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAG of Beyond the Realm Of Conscience

I have 17 different hairstyles an accessories/look
The height of wig represent social status, Susan Tse have the tallest wig
It take over 3 hours daily make up and setting hairstyle
Kevin's rare middle parting wig was made by the master of Tony Leung's in ( Red Cliff )
Moses wig is specially braided to make srisscross pattern abd take more than hours to set
The total of costume is OOH MY GOd 250 set of costumes in ( Beyond )
The 4 departments have different flower embroidery on our costumes
Embroidery department ( Si Zhai ) use Sared Lily and Pink color
Jewelry department ( Si Zhan ) uses Peony and blue color
Food and Beverage department ( Si Sin ) uses Chrysanthemums and organge color
Upholstery department ( Sit Mut ) uses Lotus and green color
Susan and Moses emperor costumes alone took 2 month for the hand embroidery.

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