Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part of me and Tsui Wing in Heaven and Earth

I know you guys have a lot of question about Heaven and Earth but this series is not done sso i can not say anything or tell you anything SORRY but here is some pictures of my part with Tsui Wing .


This is my new hair style hope you like it =)

Monday, October 19, 2009

TVB 42nd Anniversary Lighting Ceremony =)


TVB 42nd Lighting Ceremony Part 1 Beyond The Realm Of Conscience characters is talking a little bit about this series even me and enjoy all the actress performents ENJOY =)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Recording the song Windmill for Beyond The Realm Of Conscience

Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAG of Beyond the Realm Of Conscience

I have 17 different hairstyles an accessories/look
The height of wig represent social status, Susan Tse have the tallest wig
It take over 3 hours daily make up and setting hairstyle
Kevin's rare middle parting wig was made by the master of Tony Leung's in ( Red Cliff )
Moses wig is specially braided to make srisscross pattern abd take more than hours to set
The total of costume is OOH MY GOd 250 set of costumes in ( Beyond )
The 4 departments have different flower embroidery on our costumes
Embroidery department ( Si Zhai ) use Sared Lily and Pink color
Jewelry department ( Si Zhan ) uses Peony and blue color
Food and Beverage department ( Si Sin ) uses Chrysanthemums and organge color
Upholstery department ( Sit Mut ) uses Lotus and green color
Susan and Moses emperor costumes alone took 2 month for the hand embroidery.

About our Characters in Beyond The Realm Of Consience

Ferocious looking Tavia Yeung - Her eyes almost popped out

Miu Siu Ching requireement toward the cast are not limited to beautiful only. Looking at the cast list, is a show of consisting of TV King, Queen and veterans in acting. Last years best supporting actress award winner Tavi Yeung portray a villain role the first time. Her role is outstanding and considered having chance to fight against 4th Mistress Sheren Tang for the best actresss award. Give her a CLAP.

When i discussed the role with Tavia, I told her that her evilness must be to the extreme. Yiu Kam Ling ( Tavia Character) level of evilness evolved a lot. When she first entered the palace she will still give in to others, therefore she will stop at nothing to climb to the top. There's a scence where she PUNCHES Selena Li's Tummy to make her miscarriage. Tavia face is sp ferocious her eyes almost popped out by the way she look. is duficult to portray a god person like ME ( Sau Sam Ho)(Charmaine ) in my character. People said i always an expert in crying scences with Kevin. Kevin is a professional he act a lot of romantic scences very well and when he acted with me when the scence i have to cry is hard for me to cry those but when he talk he look to my eyes me TEARS is dropped down i don't know why......

Conflicts, deceit,survival of the fittest are situation that happen on daily basic. When (Evil) is being seen as evil with a valid reason, we can only say it's human nature. Being the good person is more difficult; it's bringing trouble upon yourself. (Beyond The Relm Of Consience) use good versus Evil as it main theme with tales of friendship, revenge, political struggle and romance added into the story life. Executive producer Mui Sui Ching is personally explains this for you guys to understand what (BEYOND) is gonna be about.

Beyond The Realm Of consience original script is tittled as Lau Sam Ho, which is the name of my role in this series. Siu Chung Jie says: Lau Sam Ho was inspired during a Buddhist teaching exhibition when i saw children writing stories using the theme of Three Good doing good deeds, speaking good words, showing goodwill. I am deeply touched and hope to convey this positive message through series, hence preparing the script of Lau Sam Ho.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beyond The Realm Of Conscience COVER
Moses Chan
Tavia Yeung
Kevin Cheng
Selena Li
Charmaine Sheh
and MORE...

New Pictures September - 25 - 09