Sunday, November 8, 2009

About Little Crystal ( Little Kam Ling )

This picture I got it with Crystal Tin a little sweet actor her act is Little Kam Ling she did a good job on every of her part but mostly it crying she did a good jod.. she is cute, sweet and pretty.
Go ahead and VOTE for me at the vote will END on November 29, 2009 11:59 pm.

Three Stage in Acting Skills

After participating in Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 1997, I joined TVB and my first TV series is Time Off. In the span of 12 years, I has portrayed countless character. From ZERO acting skills to a TV QUEEN, I have a lot of sacrificed a lot.
I am so sorry my Facebook fans and friends I am sorry that I can not post anymore pictures to Facebook because there's some people add me and ask bad question and others say I am fake and say they real and others REPOST pictures without my permission is a sad time there and I am going to take a BIG BREAK away from facebook for a while I am so so sorry tht who love me in Facebook but I think that a good I idea I don't mind if you repost my picture but first ask my permission then if I say yes then gohead if I say no please don't do it thank you for the love FB =)

Competing fo Award - My Secret Countermeasure


TVB blood is fated to run into Charmaine Sheh and Wayne Lai. I do not believe in fate was forced into the TV Queen battleground by TVB, while Wayne who believes in destiny has to rely on himself to fight for TV King Awards. I am preparing to slow down, while Wayne is set to climb to the top. But you can't control fate, no matter how hard you tried. And those who control fate are none other that TVB itself . If you understand this principle, Me Charmaine and Wayne are just TVB chess pawns.

Sam Ho Charmaine Sheh character, I do not believe in FATE, it my career, love or outlook in life. I does whatever i want to, very hardcore ( tough) no one can control or tell me what to do. After struggling for 10 years in the path of stardom, I wish to take a big break. Unfortunately TVB secretly appoints Lau Sam Ho to ambush 4th Mistress Sheren Tang. As I is from TVB flesh and blood clan, I had to put on my battle armor and fight for TVB's honor.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vote for Charmaine @ TVB 42nd Anniversary Awards!

It's that time of the year again is been so quick, I will provide an easy, step by step guide for fans to vote for Charmaine. PLEASE READ MY INSTRUCTION CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU VOTE BECAUSE EVERY TVB ACOUNT ONLY VOTE ONCE.

Important Patience Required

1. First go to the voting site at this adress below

When you get there when you click on charmaine you will see this if you already have an acount just logging and vote if you don't please sign up and vote. When you done logging or sign up go back to the Best Actors page. Listen to this carefully if you don't know Cantonese you still can vote don't have to worry, there an option to switch to English in the top right of login/ register page. If you are tegistering, use youe real email adress ( DO NOT USE OTHERS PEOPLE EMAIL GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO VOTE TOO ) then TVB will send you a validation email to activated your TVB acount.

If you vote for Charmaine Sheh this is where you click but this is count for the best actress in Beyond The Realm Of Conscience but I would really happy if you vote.

Or you can click here too any of this is good for me is find but still vote for me thank you

Impotant things is this 3 series i have made in 2009 please vote for one of your favorite if you have watched or have not is find if there many of your favorite actress is in that series you can vote too.

3. When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West

15. You're Hired
19. Beyond The Realm Of Consience

Click confirm on lower right butto and you will be asked a quiz question. The answer is 42 years.

Click on the confirm button lower on the right and a pop up page requesting for HK ID number will apear.

1. Select Hong Kong from the scoll bar.

2. Click the side buton to generate ID number

3. click (2) until a HK ID with 7 digit including alphabet appears. Sometimes it will generate.

4.Copy and paste the first 7 digit ( alphabet + number) but only eccept ID numbers with 8 digit

5. Paste the remaining one digit in the last box.

6. Type your surname and name

7. For phone number, enter any 8 digit starting either with 2, 6,8 and 9

8. Put in any HK adress if you don't know look online ( just HK is good enough)

9. To confirm, click the lower right button as highlighted in step 10

You will be brought to a Thank You page and voila from me when you done voting.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Part of me and Tsui Wing in Heaven and Earth

I know you guys have a lot of question about Heaven and Earth but this series is not done sso i can not say anything or tell you anything SORRY but here is some pictures of my part with Tsui Wing .